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Catering Event Coordinator

Second Harvest Food Bank

This listing has expired

Position Summary:

The Catering Event Coordinator demonstrates a passion for impeccable customer service. Responsibilities include supervision of setup, serve and tear down of most catering events. The Catering Event Coordinator must have strong supervisory and organizational skills to run events and lead a contract-based banquet team.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

The Catering Event Coordinator is responsible for overseeing catered events. Responsibilities include:

  1. Overseeing volunteer staff, students and other team members assisting in catering events
  2. Reviewing BEDs with client and following up on specific items for events (room set-up, linens, centerpieces, stations and serving times) to ensure the BEDs are complete
  3. Ordering equipment needed for event set-up (plastic ware, linens, water etc.)
  4. Requesting security for doors, AC and special AV equipment
  5. Greeting all guest and assisting guest with AV upon arrival
  6. Making site visits to ensure correct equipment and execution are followed
  7. Assisting customer with any additional materials such as copies, faxes, tape clicker
  8. Ability to collaborate with staff that demonstrates commitment to SHFB values
  9. Assist with event setups when necessary
  10. Schedules staff for events and monitors labor
  11. Respond quickly to last minute changes or special requests that may occur during the event
  12. Work effectively with the kitchen staff and banquet team to ensure that events are successful

Job Specifications:

  1. High School Diploma or GED
  2. Flexible schedule
  3. Strong leadership skills
  4. Works well under time constraints
  5. Commitment to understanding and supporting SHFB’s mission.
  6. Minimum of two year food service in a leadership role
  7. Experience in offsite events
  8. Possess a sense of urgency and maintain good time management
  9. Excellent organization skills
  10. Detail-oriented
  11. Ability to work without direct supervision

Job Description Competencies:

Anticipation/Proactive Thinking

  • Spends a lot of time anticipating what the future might hold
  • Thinks through the future implications of all of their major actions and decisions
  • Develops contingency plans

Attention to Detail

  • Double checks work for accuracy
  • Verifies data or information before presenting it
  • Carefully reviews their written work for any mistakes

Coaching Ability

  • Encourages people to set improvement targets, and helps individuals reach them
  • Finds ways to guide people in a language and way that they will understand
  • Makes themselves freely available for counseling or coaching support when needed


  • Takes full responsibility for controlling costs
  • Focuses time and energy on activities that add value for customers
  • Works flexibility within budget guidelines


  • Finds different ways to explain what efforts are needed to achieve objectives
  • Looks for innovative ways to capture people’s enthusiasm about goals and objectives
  • Regularly share progress regarding goals and objectives to inspire people’s best efforts


  • Does not lose “heart” along the way, even when things get difficult
  • Has the courage of their convictions
  • Is assertive gives people plenty of room to stretch themselves and learn different skills

Results Focus

  • Is quick to identify and put a stop to wasted effort or effort that does not produce valuable results
  • Encourages people to think about whether all of their efforts are adding value
  • Demonstrates consistent enthusiasm for achieving results


  • Works hard to keep their functional expertise on the cutting edge
  • Engages in life-long personal learning and development
  • Looks for the underlying causes of success and mistakes

Teamwork Ability

  • Builds “bridges” with other teams to maximize cooperation and consistency
  • Invites opinion from people who have different experiences or perspectives
  • Builds effective and balanced teams that are based on capability and potential

How to Apply

Please submit resume to Nancy Brumbaugh or Amy Lein

Application deadline: January 13, 2019